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The new way to take music lessons.

Take advantage of this revolutionary way of online musical training and be part of a global student community with people from all over the world. Join our community today and enjoy first class attention and mentors, ready to help you chase and achieve your musical dreams.

Are you ready to start learning today?

Skype lessons are convenient, dynamic and individualized. Be sure you complete these 3 simple steps before you take your first lesson.

Computer And Software

You will need a Skype account, a computer with a webcam, headset and Internet Connection. If you need to download Skype click here.

Convenient Schedule

Schedule a session and learn from the place that is most convenient for you whether it is in your home or your office. Don’t bother with traffic!

Secure Payment Option

Secure payment by Paypal and Cards. Feedback and pedagogical resources included. If you don’t have a PayPal account click here.