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Who Are We?

We are an Online Music Academy, we want to give you the best musical training possible, with the best qualified instructors. All inspired by El Sistema, the revolutionary method which is transforming the way people learn music worldwide. Our Idea is to give you a total private and personalized lesson, tailor made for you. We believe every student is different so we are devoted to design your lessons according to your needs, requirements, expectations and possibilities. Live or Remote the idea is to give you the best experience and tools, while you learn how to play your instrument. Don’t wait any longer!

Ever wanted to learn how to play an instrument?


We want to help you! Today’s technology revolution has changed the way we access and interact with information. It’s no more an obligation to go to a conservatory and to pay big fees and tuitions in order to learn how to play an instrument. Music is no more confined to an elite. Today you’re able to learn how to play an instrument, wherever you are. Our mission is to inspire you and to help you achieve that dream, not only by offering convenient music lessons but personalized mentoring. Giving you all you need to start learning right away.  

It's not another music academy, is

Inspired by 'El Sistema' Method

“The Venezuelan music miracle” by The Guardian

Lessons right where you are!

At home, in your office, wherever you want!

Your lesson totally adapted to you!

Adapted to your needs and time, every time.